Release rebuilderd-debian-buildinfo-crawler

kpcyrd kpcyrd at
Sun Feb 13 23:05:35 UTC 2022


I've released a tool that pulls a Package.xz binary package index, then
parses the html of the directory listings
until it finds one that matches the Package in Package.xz.

This is a workaround since the "build version"/"binnmu version" for the
`binary package -> buildinfo` link is currently not easily

The output format is shown in the github repo and it's what rebuilderd
uses to represent `build input -> build outputs` groups. Hopefully it's
useful for other stuff too.

This work was sponsored by Braaker Mühle Brot und Backwaren GmbH

Braaker Mühle - Semperstraße
Semperstraße 56
22303 Hamburg - DE

Mo-Fr:	05:56 - 19:06
Sa+Su:	06:56 - 19:06


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