Fwd: Announcing SupplyChainSecurityCon, and other Open Source Summit NA 2022 Events

Bernhard M. Wiedemann bernhardout at lsmod.de
Fri Feb 11 16:59:43 UTC 2022

On 21/01/2022 02.21, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Thanks for forwarding this. Do you, or anyone else on this list in
> fact, have an intention to submit or attend at this point?

Since it has been silent so far, and I hope I do not have to travel to
Texas for this presentation,
I have now submitted a presentation for SupplyChainSecurityCon:

reproducible builds: unexpected benefits and problems

I have now worked on openSUSE reproducible builds for 6 years and would
like to share some insights on where it can help, how to best debug
non-determinism and what unexpected problems showed up with

I plan for a good part of Q&A + discussion at the end.
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