Research on Reproducible Builds

Vagrant Cascadian vagrant at
Thu Mar 5 05:48:19 UTC 2020

On 2020-03-05, Chris Lamb wrote:
> David A. Wheeler wrote:
>> The paper's description of date handling sounds odd, where "dates" are 
>> really counts of system calls. If the "starting date" is arbitrary (like Jan 
>> 1, 1970) that would look odd. But if the "starting date" were forcibly set to a 
>> human-reasonable value (like the date-time of the last commit, or of the latest source 
>> file), then it might be easier to accept the results.
> This was curious to me too — to wit, the paper describes that the Debian
> «wheezy» distribution was being built so it was interesting to me that
> the first timestamp in the debian/changelog was not chosen, á la

If I recall correctly, wheezy was chosen precisely because it had *less*
reproducibility fixes ... so that they could more easily tell how much
dettrace solved...

live well,

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