Research on Reproducible Builds

Chris Lamb lamby at
Fri Mar 6 01:57:05 UTC 2020

Hi Vagrant,

> > This was curious to me too — to wit, the paper describes that the Debian
> > «wheezy» distribution was being built so it was interesting to me that
> > the first timestamp in the debian/changelog was not chosen, á la
> If I recall correctly, wheezy was chosen precisely because it had *less*
> reproducibility fixes ... so that they could more easily tell how much
> dettrace solved...

Apologies if my previous email was in any way ambiguously phrased as it
appears you have accidentally misparsed it.

My query was not regarding why an *older* Debian distribution was
chosen (you are correct in your analysis) but rather that given that
*any* Debian release was chosen, the canonical timestamp was not taken
from debian/changelog.


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