[EXTERNAL] RBSummit 2022! Tentative planning dates

Stephen Walli Stephen.Walli at microsoft.com
Thu May 19 14:54:25 UTC 2022

Hi Mattia: I hope to have folks from Microsoft in attendance.
I would observe date clashes with other events (where speakers on reproducible builds might be welcome):

  *   Linux Foundation Open Source Summit EU (Dublin, IE) 13-16 Sep
  *   EclipseCon (Ludwigsburg, DE), 24-27 Oct
kind regards, stephe
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Subject: [EXTERNAL] RBSummit 2022! Tentative planning dates

Hello everybody,

I'm glad to announce you that we are tentatively planning to hold this
year's Reproducible Builds Summit in Venice, Italy!
As several have requested, we picked an European location that is well
connected, including by rails. ;)

Before going ahead and start the actual venue seeking/booking, we'd like
to hear your opinion on what dates would fit you best, as to maximize
the attendance.

As usual, RBS will run through the week, Tuesday to Thursday, and we'd
like attendees to arrive on Monday and leave on Friday, but of course
people arriving or leavig mid-week are welcome too! :)

The tentative dates currently are:

You can head to https://framadate.org/L3s5LwH3FiYqrDqL to express your
opinion, or just follow up to this email if you'd rather not make your
schedule public.

Also, please consider forwarding this email to anybody you think might
be interested!

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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