Thinking of our next summit this year

intrigeri intrigeri at
Wed Mar 2 08:21:34 UTC 2022


Mattia Rizzolo (2022-03-01):
> Roughly speaking, we were wondering how you would *feel* about traveling
> this coming September.

Thank you for asking.

FWIW, at Tails we're wondering the same. And then we saw Tor run
a more subtle survey internally, which framed the questions more like
"would you feel comfortable assuming condition X?" and "would you be
OK if you had to take safety measure Y?". We thought it was very
smart, so we did the same.

If you're interested:

 - I can point the relevant RB key people to our survey so you can try
   it yourselves (please just don't save your answers at the end).
   I think it runs for another day or 2, so we would have to be quick.

 - My colleague sajolida (Cc'ed) offers to share the LimeSurvey he
   used for our survey with the relevant RB key people (it's a bit of
   a pain to set this up from scratch in the web interface) or even,
   if you'd like, to run this survey himself, on Tails' LimeSurvey,
   for the RB community.


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