Registration open for the 2022 Reproducible Builds Summit in Venice, Italy

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Thu Jul 28 16:25:35 UTC 2022

Hello everybody!

Many of you should have already received an invitation email for the
upcoming summit, as previously announced.

I'm copying it here down below, and if any of you reading here didn't
get said invitation but would still like to attend, by all means mail us
(2022-summit-team at l.rb.o) to register :)

I'm copying down the full invitation I've sent:

We are pleased to invite you to the next Reproducible Builds Summit, and
we are very much looking forward to seeing you there!

If you believe somebody should attend, please forward this mail to them,
and let them know how to contact us.



The location is not yet finalized, as venue selection will depend on how
many people will accept this invitation.

The selected location will most likely be in Italy, in or nearby Mestre,
Venezia, which is the inland part of Venice, and we will make sure to be
easily reachable from both the nearby international airport and the
train station.


The 2022 Reproducible Builds Summit will take place:

    November 1st 2022 to November 3rd 2022

These dates are inclusive, the summit will be 3 full days "9 to 5".

Recommended arrival on Monday, October 31st.
Recommended departure on Friday, November 4th.

We recommend attendees to wait for our final confirmation of the event
logistics before booking non-refundable flight tickets.

Participation Costs and financial support

Attendance to the summit is free of charge!

If you are attending on behalf of your company, corporate registration
is available, please contact us if you are interested in that!
Likewise, if you (or your company) can pay for your own meals, please
inform us.

e are working to confirm sponsors to support the event, who will offset
the shared expenses for everybody (meeting room, stationary, meals, etc)
If you or your company/organization can help out, reach out to us at
2022-summit-team at

In an effort to maximize inclusion and expand the diversity of the
community, we are offering additional travel support on a case by case
See the event page linked earlier on this email for more information.

We plan to host this event within an hotel, and as such we will likely
strike a deal with the hotel for the attendees that will stay at the
place.  For those interested in this option, we can help organize the
booking in the hotel.


Deadline for the registration is
    30th August 2022.

After that date we will count how many people signed up and choose an
appropriate location for that.

If you plan to attend, you *MUST* reply to this email to
2022-summit-team at with:
    "I want to attend!"

If you don't plan to attend, a short cancellation email would also be
nice, so we will also know that you are still interested in our project.
Equally, please tell us if we should stop with these invitations in the

Meeting goals and likely topics

First and foremost we want to meet each other after such a long time! ;)

After that, the exact content of the meeting is going to be shaped by
the participants, see the event page on the website for some examples.

The meeting will have a different shape depending on how many people
will register for attendance.

We plan to ask Gunner from Aspiration for help running the meeting, like
we did in the past.  We will collect your input in subsequent emails to
make the best of everyone's time.

Please note that we are very likely to spend large parts of the meeting
away from laptops and closer to post-it notes.  If you have attended
previous summits, you should know how this works! ;)


If you need to get in touch with the organizing team, you can write to

    2022-summit-team at

in case you need to talk about private matters that you'd rather not
leave recorded on a (private) mailing list, you can mail me (Mattia)

Looking much forward to seeing you there!
And please do reply if you have any other questions or suggestions…!

For the 2022 summit organizing team,

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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