Frédéric Pierret frederic.pierret at
Thu Oct 28 20:01:35 UTC 2021

Just to keep you in touch:

1) I've started to sync my snapshot instance to reproducible builds one. This is going to take a few days for the data itself. Bandwidth is pretty decent: ~ 100Mbit/s.

2) I've did several maintenance tasks last weekend and this is why there was a severe decrease in server availability. Several others are scheduled for the next two weeks.

Also, please note that other projects (ones who actually pay me) require a lot of my time and energy and I need to slow down on working even the evening and part of the night as now things for Reproducible builds are on a good way for Debian (at least I hope it's the case).

I take this opportunity to say that Reproducible Builds is a great community to work with. If anyone wants to help me and sponsor me on the work already done or the upcoming work, notably for improving snapshot service, debrebuild, package-rebuilder, you can use either my Github sponsor page or contact ITL via Marek (marmarek at That would help into allocating more decent time on the subject.

Best regards,
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