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Marcus Hoffmann bubu at
Mon Jan 4 17:15:22 UTC 2021

Hi Chris,

On 04.01.21 17:53, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Marcus Hoffmann wrote:
>> (I'm one of the authors of the fork, but I didn't know this was covered
>> here until *right* now.)
>> This is indeed a bit unclear. The fork is called "Corona Contact Tracing
>> Germany", or CCTG. Upstream (the official German corona contact tracing
>> app) is called "Corona-Warn-App". The link in this section goes to the
>> upstream repository. The link to the rebuild instruction go to our fork.
>> And yes, this is a working app and it's fully compatible to the official
>> app in all regards. There's been a few months of effort from the microG
>> project in reimplementing the underlying google ENF API.
> Given your in-depth knowledge in this area, would you be able to a
> spare a few moments to rewrite this entry? That would appear to be the
> simplest way of ensuring it is clear and accurate. And given that it was
> asked here, the additional information regarding its compatibility with
> the official app should likely be included.

I've just opened

Feel free to further modify this how you see fit.

> Best wishes,
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