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Chris Lamb chris at
Mon Jan 4 16:53:46 UTC 2021

Marcus Hoffmann wrote:

> (I'm one of the authors of the fork, but I didn't know this was covered
> here until *right* now.)
> This is indeed a bit unclear. The fork is called "Corona Contact Tracing
> Germany", or CCTG. Upstream (the official German corona contact tracing
> app) is called "Corona-Warn-App". The link in this section goes to the
> upstream repository. The link to the rebuild instruction go to our fork.
> And yes, this is a working app and it's fully compatible to the official
> app in all regards. There's been a few months of effort from the microG
> project in reimplementing the underlying google ENF API.

Given your in-depth knowledge in this area, would you be able to a
spare a few moments to rewrite this entry? That would appear to be the
simplest way of ensuring it is clear and accurate. And given that it was
asked here, the additional information regarding its compatibility with
the official app should likely be included.

Best wishes,

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