[rb-general] software release archive

Chris Lamb lamby at debian.org
Wed May 23 12:58:12 CEST 2018

Hi Mattia,

> I'd rather have a stricter guarantee that all .pdf exists, but I can see
> how that could be a pain for old stuff that doesn't build anymore.

Also, thinking about in-progress presentations. I'm inferring you
wanted to do some kind of "for X in presentations.git/*/; do …; done"

> > I'd rather we provide HTML versions of those talks which have HTML
> > slides. They are much nicer to view than in a PDF viewer.
> Can't we just have both?

Sure. Indeed, this will be nicer...

Hang on, why don't we just generate PDFs, push them directly to
presentations.git, and just serve a git checkout of the repo? :)

PDFs are compressed after all so would hardly bloat the (already
large) repository, there is no need for any automatic jobs that have
filename assumptions or syncing work of any kind.


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