[rb-general] SPDX in .BUILDINFO?

Santiago Torres santiago at nyu.edu
Tue Feb 6 19:13:26 CET 2018

Hello everyone,

I spoke with Kate from the SPDX project (CCd, many of youmay probably
know her already) about the state of the SPDX[1][2] project and how it's
trying to aggregate information regarding the build results.

I was thinking that SPDX could be probably used to homogenize the
.BUILDINFO files in a cross-distro standard. To me it feels that,
although probably distros package their stuff differently, there's
enough overlap to do a community effort on finding a common standard. Is
anyone up for discussion regarding this? :)

Kate, would you like to add anything else?


[1] https://spdx.org/
[2] https://github.com/spdx/spdx-spec
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