[rb-general] be excellent to each other (Re: Heading toward functional compilation by adding hidden inputs?)

Ximin Luo infinity0 at debian.org
Wed Jan 25 14:40:00 CET 2017

Ludovic Courtès:
> Hi Ximin,
> I apologize if my message came out as “propaganda” or “lecturing”, that
> was not my intent.  I was replying to the parallel John was making
> between functional programming and reproducible builds; I think it’s a
> relevant discussion for this list, even if I’m well aware of my bias.

The general topic is indeed a relevant discussion for this list. And I was not offended by your specific message, rather the general pattern of messages from various people.

That is - taking their vague understanding or support of a general concept, and using it an argument against something else, in a way that is very unconcrete and seems more suited towards pleasing an audience rather than seriously discussing the topic.

This form of argumentation indicates a distinct *lack* of respect for others. They may not be using snarky comments as much as I was, but the lack of respect is as serious. if not more serious. If we are talking about being respectful, I would suggest that we avoid and discourage this form of argumentation. (And I apologise that the method in which I was trying to discourage this, may not have been so nice.)

For example, I am more than happy to write polite responses to arguments even if they heavily criticise me, if the writer has obviously also spent a respectful amount of time forming a detailed and specific argument.

> There’s a diversity of technical backgrounds in the RB community.  I
> think it’s a strength, and I find it interesting to see how each of the
> projects approaches RB with its own tools and constraints.  Each project
> is making its own tradeoffs and choices, but in the end, we have common
> goals and the discussion of how we get there is valuable in its own
> right IMO.
> Regardless, I second Holger.  Disagreements exist, but they should not
> justify rude and unwelcoming behavior.  We want more people to invest in
> RB and more diversity too, and that can only be achieved by showing
> respect for each other’s opinions, work, and personality.

For sure these are good principles, let's see if everyone can follow them in the future.


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