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Mattia Rizzolo mattia at debian.org
Thu Jan 26 17:04:27 CET 2017

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 tagged by  Mattia Rizzolo
        on  Thu Jan 26 17:04:16 2017 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
diffoscope Debian release 70


Brett Smith (3):
      diffoscope: Specify choices for --list-tools switch.
      diffoscope: Improve --help output.
      CONTRIBUTING: Refresh instructions for contributing to diffoscope.

Chris Lamb (24):
      comparators/haskell.py: Tidy
      comparators.haskell: Also catch CalledProcessError, not just OSError
      presenters: Move text presenter to use Visitor pattern.
      presenters: Add markdown output support. (Closes: #848141)
      presenters: Add RestructuredText output format.
      tests: Avoid DRY violations when running the main function
      tests: Split main and presenter tests.
      tests: Avoid DRY violations in presenter tests.
      tests: Actually compare the output of text/ReST/markdown formats to fixtures.
      tests: Drop output_* calls that are inconsistently applied to differences.
      presenters: Instantiate our presenter classes directly instead of wrapping a method
      presenters.text: Remove superfluous empty newlines from diff.
      presenters: Use an optimised indentation routine throughout all text presenters.
      tests: Add tests for HTML output.
      comparators.zip: Drop unused get_content method.
      tests: Don't warn about coverage lines that raise NotImplementedError.
      tests: Add a test comparing two empty directories.
      tests: Test --text-color output format.
      tests: Test that no arguments (beyond the filenames) prints the text output.
      tests: Increase coverage by adding "# noqa" in relevant parts.
      comparators: Use idiomatic 'pass' over 'return'
      comparators: Drop unnecessary "close_archive" method.
      Revert "comparators: Drop unnecessary "close_archive" method." - it's abstract for Archive, not Libarchive
      Add build status to README.rst

Holger Levsen (1):
      trivial gramar fix

James Clarke (1):
      comparators/haskell: Properly extract version from interface files

Mattia Rizzolo (5):
      Skip two more tests requiring a x86-64-capable binutils
      comparators/haskell: add a comment describing the file header
      CONTRIBUTING: misc updates, clearer info about how to submit a Debian bug
      Changelog for v70
      Release version 70

anthraxx (1):
      tools: switch Arch Linux dependency for pedump to mono


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