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Chris Lamb chris at chris-lamb.co.uk
Mon Jan 16 01:30:51 CET 2017

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        at  b10a34b   (tag)
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  replaces  67
 tagged by  Chris Lamb
        on  Mon Jan 16 11:25:09 2017 +1100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Release version 68


Chris Lamb (50):
      Fix duplicated word and long line errors in debian/changelog.
      Suggest some promotion.
      diffoscope.profiling: Skip as much profiling overhead if not enabled for a ~2% optimisation.
      diffoscope.profiling: Disable until we enable it.
      diffoscope.progress: Log when we add a progress observer.
      Normalise import style in tests/comparators/test_openssh_pub_key.py.
      diffoscope.comparators: Tidy
      comparators.apk: Fix .APK extration when provided with absolute filenames. (Closes: #850485)
      comparators.rust: Drop unused tooL_required import.
      comparators.utils.file: If we don't have a tool (eg. apktool), don't blow up when attempting to unpack it.
      comparators.apk: Move utility method to end of file
      comparators.apk: Use os.path.dirname over os.path.split.
      comparators.apk: Use re.escape when generating regex.
      comparators.apk: Compile apkFileNmae regex instead of generating each loop.
      comparators.apk: Use single quotes for "computer-readable" text.
      comparators.apk: Reflow long lines.
      comparators.apk: Correct undefined "f_out" variable.
      diffoscope.logging: Drop milliseconds from log output
      diffocope.tempfiles: Log cleanup process
      comparators.utils.archive: Tidy unpacking log message.
      comparators.elf: Don't blow up if directory containing debug symbols already exists. (Closes: #850807)
      comparators.utils.file: Only show the class name in "Returning a X for Y" messages.
      comparators.utils.file: Reflow long string for next commit.
      comparators.utils.file: Include magic file type when we know the file format but can't find file-specific details. (Closes: #850850)
      comparators: ImageFile only supports JPEG images not .ico files so (temporarily) drop support for the latter and rename class.
      Support comparing .ico files using img2txt (Closes: #850730)
      Fix test for JPEGImageFile.
      Rename tests/comparators/test_image.py -> tests/comparators/test_jpeg_image.py
      Rename image_expected_diff -> jpeg_image_expected.
      Add tests for image.ICOImageFile.
      Catch conversion errors when calling out to icoutils
      Correctly escape value of href="" elements (re. #849411)
      comparators.image: Inline attributes; only applies to this command so we can remove the namespace.
      comparators.image: Reflow compare_details indentation.
      comparators.image: No need to use niche icotool if we are going to use imagemagick elsewhere.
      utils.container: Inline specialize import; seems to cause import loop in tests otherwise...
      Revert "Add some tests for APK comarator." - accidental commit.
      Revert "Revert "Add some tests for APK comarator." - accidental commit."
      comparators.apk: Reflow long line.
      comparators.apk: Inline single-use variable assignment.
      comparators.apk: Ensure fake "APK metadata" file appears first, fixing non-deterministic tests.
      comparators.apk: Rewrite nested loop with writelines.
      comparators.image: Reflow indentation.
      comparators.Image: Make it clearer we are running Identify on the original image, not the temporary img2txt one.
      Also add auto recognition for RE_FILE_EXTENSION
      comparators.image: Drop now-unnecessary recognizes methods. Thanks Mattia!
      specialize: Only profile the calls to 'recognizes'
      specialize: Tidy and add better logging.
      Release 68
      Release version 68

Maria Glukhova (7):
      comparators/device: don't crash when comparing a non-device against a device
      Remove archive name from apktool.yml and rename it. (Closes: #850501)
      Zipinfo included in APK files comparison. (Closes: #850502)
      Add image metadata comparison.
      Add some tests for APK comarator.
      More descriptive image metadata
      Ensure imagemagick version is new enough for image metadata tests.

Mattia Rizzolo (5):
      Skip the openssh_pub_key test if ssh is < 6.9
      comparators/utils/file: drop unneeded 'as e' in except
      comparators/icc: rename RE_FILE_EXTENSION to RE_FILE_TYPE, as that's what the RE is looking at
      comparators/elf: typo s/TYE/TYPE/
      Make use of the new auto recognize to remove a bunch of recognizes() methods dealing with simple RE_FILE_TYPE matching


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