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Chris Lamb chris at chris-lamb.co.uk
Wed Jan 4 18:11:38 CET 2017

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  replaces  66
 tagged by  Chris Lamb
        on  Wed Jan 4 16:58:41 2017 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Release version 67


Chris Lamb (74):
      Wrap changelog line to avoid lintian warning.
      Clarify comment regarding why we call python3(1) directly. Thanks to Jérémy Bobbio <lunar at debian.org>.
      comparators/libarchive: Factor out isdir, etc switch statement.
      comparators/libarchive: Avoid multiple iterations over archive by unpacking once for an ~8X runtime optimisation.
      presenters/text: Avoid unnecessary splitting and interpolating for a ~20X optimisation in writing --text output.
      Correct previous commit's str.replace argument.
      diffoscope/comparators: Factor out compare_ methods
      Reorder import.
      diffoscope/comparators: use relative package imports.
      comparators/utils: Move file to its own package
      comparators/utils: Move compare to under new package.
      diffoscope/comparators: Move libarchive to utils package.
      Tidy specialize imports
      Split fuzzy matching to its own module.
      diffoscope/comparators: Move format_device into device.py
      Move diff_ignore_line_numbers to test utilities.
      Reflow re_diff_line_numbers
      diffoscope/comparators: Import format_symlink.
      Rename NonExisting -> Missing.
      Drop double space.
      diffoscope/comparators: Drop unused MissinFile import.
      diffoscope/comparators: Move import_comparators into a "loading" module.
      diffoscope/comparators: Split out as many utilities from (eg.) comparators.binary.
      Tidy comparators/missing_file.py
      Move tempfile handling to its own module.
      Tidy diffoscope.tempfiles
      Use Debian-style "I:", "D:" log level format modifies in --debug mode.
      Only print milliseconds in log output, not microseconds.
      diffoscope.__init__: Split out all remaining helper methods
      Show filename(s) etc in progressbar.
      Emit json on the the status file descriptor so we can easily add more fields.
      Include the filename, etc in the --status-fd progress message JSON output.
      Correct reference to `my_member` in Container progress calculation.
      comparators.utils.command: Tidy command execution log messages.
      diffoscope.progress: Always update the progress bar so we update the message.
      diffoscope.main: Seed the initial progress bar with the first specified argument.
      diffoscope.comparators: File has moved to utils.file
      diffoscope.comparators: Add ability to override progress bar name on a per-File basis.
      comparators.utils.file: Strip leading "." of "./" progress bar messages.s
      comparators.elf: Show the ELF section in the progress bar and the source filename.
      diffoscope.progress: Add another space before the ETA and after the message.
      diffoscope.progress: Use rjust over ljust; looks nicer when moving fast.
      diffoscope.progress: Wider text field.
      comparators.elf: Tidy/reformat module
      Move diffoscope.presenters.html to its own module.
      Split templates into their own files.
      Move JQUERY_SYSTEM_LOCATIONS to top of module.
      squash with templates
      Don't use three-dot relative imports; a bit too unweildy...
      diffoscope.profiling: Add extra namespacing to data collection.
      diffoscope.profiling: Count the number of calls, not just the total time.
      presenters.html: Split linediff into its own module.
      Tidy diffoscope.locale module and add logging message.
      diffoscope.profiling: Pluralise "n call/calls"
      setup.py: Reflow formatting.
      Update references in debian/copyright post module reorganisation.
      diffoscope.main: Drop unnecessary "as p"
      presenters.html: Raise a nicer error if trying to use --html-dir on a file
      diffoscope.main: Split each output conditional into its own method.
      diffoscope.main: Split output-related methods into presenters.utils.
      diffoscope.presenters.utils: Tidy "make_printer"
      diffoscope.main: Move --text fallback to output utility method
      diffoscope.presenters.utils: Correct reference to profile_output
      profiling: Report on the real total time taken to execute, including cleanup.
      Can tidy diffoscope.presenters.utils now we don't have to special-case profiling.
      Correct "special case" typo.
      presenters.utils: Fix --output-empty when files are identical and no outputs specified.
      Use more-Python logging functions based on __name__, etc.
      diffoscope.main: Print version in debug output.
      Split diffoscope.difference into diffoscope.diff.
      diffoscope.diff: Avoid expensive regex parsing until we need it, speeding up diff parsing by 2X.
      diffoscope.diff: Alias expensive Config() lookup for a 10% optimisation on my test case.
      Release 67
      Release version 67

Daniel Shahaf (1):
      Fix syntax error in previous commit.

Mattia Rizzolo (1):
      Follow the rename of the debian package 'python-jsbeautifier' to 'jsbeautifier'

Reiner Herrmann (1):
      apk: Extend recognition regex to also match zip archives

siamezzze (1):
      Fixed no newline being classified as order-like difference.


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