[diffoscope] 02/03: skip some tests that fails in jessie-backports

Mattia Rizzolo mattia at debian.org
Sat Sep 17 18:02:00 CEST 2016

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On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 05:47:19PM +0200, Levente Polyak wrote:
> On September 17, 2016 4:00:02 PM GMT+02:00, Mattia Rizzolo
> >    skip some tests that fails in jessie-backports
> Hmm wouldn't it be a lot better to keep such out of the application
> itself but skip those in your Debian related packaging files when
> invoking pytest?

how do I tell pytest over the command line to skip single tests?
I could have done it that way through d/rules.

> For me this feels like being the totally wrong place to make a such
> distribution specific change and completely disable those tests (or
> only apply those on top for Jessie).

In any other packages I'd have added a distribution-specific patch, but
this package is being trated a native debian package (e.g. packaging and
developing is the same thing), so patches can't really be easily used.
Some people are advocating turning it into a '3.0 (quite)' package
format, like strip-nondeterminism, disorderfs, etc.  I personally prefer
it being native, as long as most contributors are who then make the
release in debian...¹

> I would be happy to see this being solved in a different way.

The solution is: fix the tests so they run on jessie(-bpo).  In the
last weeks I've been doing so for some, those I couldn't manage, but
decideded to release nonetheless and release anyway to avoid keeping so
many changes in git, unreleased.

As you noted I haven't done that commit in master, it's referenced on by
this tag: I don't want it to proliferate.  If you really want to make
that commit not being present in the next backport upload, please help
making the test suite more resilient!

¹ flames about this topic can be found in the debian's MLs.  according
to some the advantages of '3.0 (native)' are null whereas there are only
disadvantages.  I disagree there: I find doing stuff on native packages
a lot easier than having to deal with versioned tarballs, but YMMV…

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