[diffoscope] 02/03: skip some tests that fails in jessie-backports

Levente Polyak levente at leventepolyak.net
Sat Sep 17 17:47:19 CEST 2016

On September 17, 2016 4:00:02 PM GMT+02:00, Mattia Rizzolo 
>    skip some tests that fails in jessie-backports
> tests/comparators/test_dex.py  | 1 +
> tests/comparators/test_java.py | 1 +
> tests/comparators/test_ppu.py  | 2 ++
> 3 files changed, 4 insertions(+)

Hmm wouldn't it be a lot better to keep such out of the application itself but skip those in your Debian related packaging files when invoking pytest? 
For me this feels like being the totally wrong place to make a such distribution specific change and completely disable those tests (or only apply those on top for Jessie). 
I would be happy to see this being solved in a different way. 

Just my 2 cents, Levente 

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