[diffoscope] [Reproducible-builds] More lazy-loading for diffoscope html output

Ximin Luo infinity0 at debian.org
Mon Sep 5 19:25:00 CEST 2016

Ximin Luo:
> Chris Lamb:
>>> https://people.debian.org/~infinity0/res/dfs-demo/
>> Like it!
>> However, hould you object to making it show some — however small — diff on
>> page load? I am all behind lazy-loading of further chunks but I am certain
>> I will find it annoying to have to click «load diffs» when I did not before.
>> It makes it much harder to skip over chunks I don't care about, and also
>> requires me to switch from keyboard to mouse.
> Understood, yeah I agree, I'll fix this before I push.

Updated here:


>>> I will push this "soon" unless people complain. :p So please play around
>>> with it yourself etc
>> Can you clarify whether this would change the output behaviour of the
>> "--html <output.html>" or is some other switch required…?
> This is just for --html-dir so far. But I have some ideas for merging the flags which would also affect --html, but hopefully make it easier to think about. I'll go implement them then it'll be easier for me to try to describe it.

Flag changes completed and described here:


The TL;DR version is that instead of having

--max-diff-block-lines affects single (--html) and child pages, in unpredictable ways
--separate-file-diff-size affects parent and child pages, in unpredictable ways

we now have 

--max-diff-block-lines affects single (--html) and parent pages, in the same way
--max-diff-block-lines-html-dir affects child pages


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