Verifying reproducibility of Java builds from Maven Central

Railean, Alexander alexander.railean at
Thu Mar 28 15:41:03 UTC 2024

Hi everybody,

I am trying to understand how someone can independently verify the reproducibility of Java projects on Maven Central. Having explored the repositories on Maven Central, I could not find examples where the "buildinfo" file was present.

The archives of this mailing list pointed out examples such as, and yet my understanding is that this is not enough [but why?], hence reproducible-central was created to address some sort of gap.

So far, my mental model is that:

*       By including buildinfo in the artifacts on Maven Central, library authors empower users to check for themselves if the build is reproducible or not.
*       Reproducible-central takes it a step further and attempts to do a build and then gives you a "yes/no" result.

Thus, the former makes the problem solvable in principle, whereas the latter actually solves it. Is my understanding is correct?

Besides that, I have some additional questions:

1. Can you provide references to documentation that explains how to make sure buildinfo ends up on Maven Central?

2. Is there a tutorial that describes how to get featured on Reproducible Central?

I had a look at, and my understanding is that this is not working for projects built on Windows, because it relies on, which implies one has bash. The library I publish on Maven Central is built on a Windows computer - does this mean that I won't be able to list it in reproducible-builds?

Looking forward to your feedback,


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