Three bytes in a zip file

Fay Stegerman flx at
Fri Mar 8 01:37:39 UTC 2024

* Larry Doolittle <larry at> [2023-04-06 23:59]:
> Do you know of any tooling that can help decode zip file contents in general?

I know this thread is almost a year old now, but I finally got to my backlog
working on [1], which is a tool specifically intended to
elucidated differences in ZIP/APK metadata.  And as of today, the master branch
supports showing the kind of timestamp differences you reported in
human-readable form, not just as a difference in the raw data:

$ diff-zip-meta
entry foo:
  extra (entry):
-   55540900035164ea655164ea6575780b000104e803000004e8030000
+   55540900035164ea655464ea6575780b000104e803000004e8030000
- extra (entry) atime=2024-03-08 01:05:21
+ extra (entry) atime=2024-03-08 01:05:24

- Fay


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