Irregular status update about reproducible live-build ISO images

Roland Clobus rclobus at
Thu Jan 4 13:58:25 UTC 2024

Hello lists,

here is the 21th update of the status for reproducible live-build ISO 
images [1].

Single line summary: Very near the finishing line

The best wishes for 2024, may this year be the year of the reproducible 
live images for Debian :-)

Reproducible status:
* All major desktops build reproducibly with bullseye, bookworm, trixie 
and sid ...
** ... provided they are built for a second time within the same DAK run 
(i.e. 6 hours)
* Rebuilding the official bookworm images (standard and gnome) for 
12.4.0 at any later moment
** Only one (new) difference is left: in the official images a directory 
/run/mount is present, which is not in my local build
* The other official bookworm images for 12.4.0 have not been evaluated yet

Functionality status:
* The sid images are affected by #1051607 (Calamares installation on 
UEFI Secure Boot systems fails to boot after installation)
* The sid images occasionally report missing installation media, when 
booting from USB in UEFI non-secure boot systems (#1054325)

My activities in November, December:
* A workaround in live-build [2] until the fix for the installer [3] is 
implemented (due to kernel 6.6.8) [4]
* An initial step for FST (File System Transposition) [5]
* Fix for an undesired authentication prompt for calamares [6]
* Proposed fixes for the calamares installer [7]
* Minor updates to the openQA tests of the live images

Work to be done:
* Test the official images and regular snapshot images in openQA as well 
as the images generated by Jenkins (possibly replacing the images 
generated by Jenkins)
* Review the results of the generated ISO images in my local openQA instance
* Adjust the content of the live-build image
** Fix the remaining reproducible issue in time before 12.5.0 (planned 
for February 2024)
* Many other things. See the TODO page [8]

With kind regards,
Roland Clobus

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