Two questions about build-path reproducibility in Debian

James Addison jay at
Thu Feb 15 20:16:29 UTC 2024

Hi folks,

A quick recap: in July 2023, Debian's package build infrastructure
(buildd) intentionally began using a fixed directory path during
package builds (bug #1034424).  Previously, some string randomness
existed within each source build directory path.

I've two questions related to buildpaths - one relevant to the
Salsa-CI team, and the other a RB-team housekeeping question:

  1. [Salsa] Recently Debian's CI pipeline was reconfigured[1] to
enable more variance in builds.  However: I think that change also
(inadvertently?) enabled buildpath variation.  Is that useful and/or
aligned with Debian package migration incentives[2] -- or should we
disable that buildpath variance?

  2. [RB] Housekeeping: we use Debian's bugtracker to record packages
with buildpath-related build problems[3].  Do we want to keep those
bugs open, or should we close them?


[1] -

[2] - "Reproducibility migration policy" @

[3] -

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