New supply-chain security tool: backseat-signed

Adrian Bunk bunk at
Thu Apr 4 22:31:25 UTC 2024

On Thu, Apr 04, 2024 at 09:39:51PM +0200, kpcyrd wrote:
> I've checked both, upstreams github release page and their website[1], but
> couldn't find any mention of .tar.xz, so I think my claim of Debian doing
> the compression is fair.
> [1]:

Perhaps that's a maintainer running "git archive" manually?

Hashes of "git archive" tarballs are anyway not stable,
so whatever a maintainer generates is not worse than what is on Github.

Any proper tooling would have to verify that the contents is equal.

> Being able to disregard the compression layer is still necessary however,
> because Debian (as far as I know) never takes the hash of the inner .tar
> file but only the compressed one. Because of this you may still need to
> provide `--orig <path>` if you want to compare with an uncompressed tar.

Right now the preferred form of source in Debian is an upstream-signed 
release tarball, NOT anything from git.

An actual improvement would be to automatically and 100% reliably
verify that a given tarball matches the commit ID and signed git tag
in an upstream git tree.

But for that writing tooling would be the trivial part,
architectural topics like where to store the commit ID
and where to store the git tree would be the harder parts.

Or perhaps stop using tarballs in Debian as sole permitted
form of source.

> cheers,
> kpcyrd


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