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Mon Apr 1 01:57:31 UTC 2024

Dear list,

in February I printed about 2k stickers to manifest the concept of 
reviewing source code, picturing a bug throwing a party within the 
codebases nobody reads.

I usually spread these in my communities in person, due to recent events 
I've decided to give some of them away by mail. To keep things simple 
I'm going to eat the shipping cost. I can receive money through Github 
sponsors but it's neither required nor expected.

I'm shipping from Germany, if you wish to receive any send me a name and 
shipping address (this doesn't need to be a home address and can also be 
a postbox, work place, local hackerspace, I really don't care).

Please include all necessary information that needs to go on the 
envelop, including a name if needed (you likely know your local postal 
system better than I do). I'm going to delete both the name and shipping 
address afterwards.

⚠️ Make sure you send this off-list ⚠️

This design should be considered open source (CC0-1.0) and anybody is 
welcome to print their own.

First come, first serve.

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