Website translation

Julien Lepiller julien at
Wed Nov 1 16:16:01 UTC 2023


I've learned at the rb meeting that the website could be translated.
Currently, the translation process looks like this: you clone the repo,
figure that you need to add your language to _config.yml (languages),
run bin/ to generate the po files, translate the po files,
create an account on salsa and send an MR.

I've started translating and I'm waiting for my account to be validated
by an admin.

I manage the translation infrastructure at Guix, where we use Weblate
for hosting the translations online. I think it's a good choice to make
it easier, even for technical translators, to focus on their work. It
includes a shared glossary, lint checks, screenshots, and support for
automatic update and commit.

This is what it might look like for Guix:

Guix is hosted on Fedora's instance because they are open to other
projects, and because the default instance used to use non-free
javascript, which we didn't want our translators to be subjected to. It
seems that it's no longer the case, so I have no strong argument
against using it anymore. Maybe Debian has an instance or a similar

In terms of security, the Weblate instance needs to be allowed to pull
and push commits to the repository. The server has an SSH key that
needs to be added to an account on salsa (it could be a dedicated
account or someone's account).

What do people think?

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