verifiable source-only bootstrap from scratch

Jeremiah at Jeremiah at
Wed Mar 8 21:16:52 UTC 2023

>>> We seem to be the first project offering bootstrappable and verifiable
>>> builds without any binary seeds.
>> You appear to have missed:
>> and
>> and
> Thanks for your suggestion, but it was not my intention to list
> everything somehow related to the subject.
> Unfortunately, all known to me similar projects, including the ones
> mentioned by you above, seem to attack more or less the same common
> target (how to begin with a minimal binary seed and come to the latest
> development tools), which is different from the perspective and the aim
> of my project.
Correction. They are about how to begin with nothing but hardware and
source code and building everything from there. The bootstrap seeds are
there for those who opt not to hand toggle in their root of trust or
didn't want to do sed 's/[;#].*$//g' $input_file | xxd -r -p > $output_file 
to build their root of trust (or some other equal method)

>> we build all the way up from hex0 to modern GCC+Linux+Guile and include
>> all of the tools needed by a modern Linux Distro.
> Yes, I know. The VSOBFS project does not pursue the goal to begin from hex0.
As is entirely a valid choice

>> and you seem to depend upon a POSIX kernel written in C that requires
>> TCC to compile it.
> No I don't, or may be you mean something else, then please clarify.
The requirements listed on your site are:
1) a POSIX-like OS on a 32+ bit CPU as a host for the building procedure
2) an ANSI (C89) compatible C compiler for the host OS
and your project builds a kernel (minix-vmd) which is written in C which
requires TCC (or GCC or Clang) to compile it.

So in bootstrapping terms, the only kernel that is bootstrapped that
matches your requirements is Fiwix and at that point minix-vmd is a step
backwards as Fiwix is able to build Linux and minix-vmd is not.

If you mean something else when you say bootstrappable and verifiable
builds; then perhaps you could be correct.

But as I understand the term bootstrappable, you are starting on done
and taking a step backwards and claiming to have gotten there first;
which doesn't seem fair to the dozens of people who spent the last 5
years actually bootstrapping everything.


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