reproducible-apk-tools v0.2.0

FC Stegerman flx at
Sun Jan 15 19:56:49 UTC 2023


Today's v0.2.0 release adds several new subcommands/scripts (and fixes
a bug); the full list is now:

fix-compresslevel - recompress with different compression level
fix-newlines - change line endings from LF to CRLF (or vice versa)
sort-apk - sort (and realign) the ZIP entries of an APK
sort-baseline - sort baseline.profm (extracted or inside an APK)

diff-zip-meta - diff ZIP file metadata
dump-arsc - dump resources.arsc (extracted or inside an APK) using aapt2
dump-baseline - dump (extracted or inside an APK)
list-compresslevel - list ZIP entries with compression level

- FC


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