Reproducible builds stickers and flyers needed for Chemnitz Linux Days 2023

Fabian Keil fk at
Sat Jan 7 08:36:03 UTC 2023

Fabian Keil <fk at> wrote on 2022-08-05 at 08:55:42:

> FrOSCon 2022 [0] is coming up and I registered a booth
> for ElectroBSD [1] (and Privoxy [2] and zogftw [3]).
> I usually also offer project-related materials and am
> thus currently looking for reproducible builds stickers
> and flyers.
> Does anyone have some and could share?

Chemnitz Linux Days 2023 [4] are coming up in March.

I'm optimistically waiting for approval of the ElectroBSD and
Privoxy booth.

I'm therefore again looking for reproducible-builds-related
flyers and stickers to distribute at the booth and hope this
time I'm asking early enough.

Does anyone still have stuff to share?
Should we produce more?
Will you be there?


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