Reproducible Builds Summit 2023 in Hamburg

Chris Lamb chris at
Sun Jan 1 12:58:06 UTC 2023

Hey Holger et al.,

> with 2022 soon coming to an end, I'd like to announce the date and
> and the location of the next Reproducible Builds Summit in 2023!
> When:  October 30th, November 1st-2nd 2023.
> What:  Three days to continue the growth of the Reproducible Builds effort.

Happy new year indeed… and a nice entry to put into the new calendar. :)

Couldn't help but notice that we're skipping over October 31st. Can you
just explicitly confirm that I'm reading that correctly? And, if I am,
I assume that's because the venue isn't free?

Best wishes,

    ⬋   ⬊      Chris Lamb
   o     o 💠
    ⬊   ⬋

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