Status of bit-for-bit reproducible Docker/OCI images (and FOSDEM talk on Sat 12:55)

Akihiro Suda at
Thu Feb 2 01:40:33 UTC 2023

Hi there, let me just share the latest status of reproducible Docker/OCI
container image builds with BuildKit:
(OCI = "Open Container Initiative", not "Oracle Cloud Infrastructure")

BuildKit v0.11 was released in the last month with very preliminary support
for SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH and bit-for-bit reproducible builds:

FROM debian:bullseye-20230109
RUN echo "hello ${SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH}" >/hello

# === Workarounds below will not be needed when is merged ===
# Limit the timestamp upper bound to SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH.
# Workaround for
RUN find $( ls / | grep -E -v "^(dev|mnt|proc|sys)$" ) -newermt
"@${SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH}" -writable -xdev | xargs touch
--date="@${SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH}" --no-dereference
# Squash the entire stage for resetting the whiteout timestamps.
# Workaround for
FROM scratch
COPY --from=0 / /

Currently, the SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH value is only applied to the timestamps in
the image metadata (e.g., the `docker history` timestamps), but not
automatically applied to the timestamps of the layered files.
So, BuildKit v0.11 still requires a very complex Dockerfile, but this will
be significantly simplified when
gets merged.

The above Dockerfile can be deterministically built with the following

# Make sure to pin the BuildKit version
docker run -d --name buildkitd --privileged --restart=always

docker cp buildkitd:/usr/bin/buildctl /usr/local/bin/buildctl

export BUILDKIT_HOST=docker-container://buildkitd


# Change to "true" for pushing the image to the registry

buildctl build \
  --frontend dockerfile.v0 \
  --local dockerfile=. \
  --local context=. \
  --metadata-file metadata.json \
  --output type=image,name=$SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH,buildinfo=false,push=$PUSH \

# Verify the image digest
[ "$(jq -r '."containerimage.digest"' < metadata.json)" =
"sha256:b313cd9751ed3e0c3f7185c034fde857302d56642ac5518f1ebbf7fc2e8eed93" ]

Note that the buildctl CLI does not automatically propagate the
$SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH env var to containers. (While the buildx CLI does.)
So, the `--opt build-arg:SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH=$SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH` flag is
explicitly required.

I'll talk further about this at FOSDEM:
(Sat 12:55-13:15, Containers devroom, UB2.252A (Lameere))

My talk will also mention how to pin the apt/dnf/apk/pacman packages with
my "repro-get" tool (

Looking forward to meeting you all at FOSDEM.

Akihiro Suda
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