Sphinx: localisation changes / reproducibility

Chris Lamb chris at reproducible-builds.org
Wed Apr 12 12:00:39 UTC 2023

Dear James,

Thanks for your recent emails. As the original bug filer (#9778), I'm
obviously invested in this being fixed… and I was enjoying watching
the recent flurry of activity hit my inbox.

> Probably nothing new to many of the folks on this mailing list and/or
> seasoned software engineers generally, but I figured I'd try to
> document my findings :)

Hah. This is much appreciated as well: as you imply, aborted
experiments usually don't end up getting documented at all, and so we
typically end up with the highly-misleading "here is the perfect
solution to this problem" PR.  :)

Best wishes,

    ⬋   ⬊      Chris Lamb
   o     o     reproducible-builds.org 💠
    ⬊   ⬋

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