Debian NMU Sprint Thursday 16:00 UTC!

Vagrant Cascadian vagrant at
Thu Sep 22 01:03:16 UTC 2022

Holger and I were chatting about doing more Debian NMUs
(Non-Maintainer-Uploads) to clear the huge backlog of reproducible
builds patches submitted... and we may as well get started this

We are planning on meeting on in the #debian-reproducible
channel at 16:00UTC and going for an hour or two or three.

We will have at least two Debian Developers available to sponsor
uploads, so even if you can't upload yourself but you know how to build
a debian package, please join us!

Unapplied patches (currently ~250):

The list is sorted by activity, so we can target bugs that have just
stalled out for whatever reason, but feel free to pick bugs that scratch
your particular itch.

We will want to make sure the patch still applies and/or refresh the
patches, make sure it still solves the issue, and update the bug report
where appropriate.

Documentation about performing NMUs:

We will be uploading the to the DELAYED queue (presumably between 10 and
15 days).

If this is fun and productive, we might keep doing this approximately
once or twice a month!

live well,
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