citests vs. (verification |re)builds

Vagrant Cascadian vagrant at
Sun Nov 13 21:59:47 UTC 2022

So, when going to check the reproducibility status of a package in
archlinux, I went to:

Which has a link for archlinux tests:

But I was informed that those tests are not really working...

And looking at various other projects on the "citests" page, a few of
those I suspect are not working all that well either...

It was suggested I really should look at the tests referred to at:

Which links to:

Which gets us to the question of continuous integration test builds
vs. rebuilds a.k.a. verification builds. They're both useful for
slightly different purposes, and it might be good to clarify the
distinction on the website somehow?

In either case ... it would be nice to give a heads-up on parts of the
infrastructure that are known to have issues...

I'm not sure how exactly to structure a rewording or adjustment of the
website and whatnot, but would like to start the conversation, at least!

live well,
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