Help with arm64 binaries build reproducibility issue

Luca Boccassi bluca at
Sun May 22 13:01:31 UTC 2022


We have been having an issue with making the systemd build reproducible
on arm64. On x86 it's all fine, but on arm there are differences in the
built binaries that I cannot explain - I don't speak arm assembly so I
can't really tell where they are coming from.

Any suggestion where to look at, or for what the issue might be, would
be hugely welcome, as I am quite stuck.

Some excerpts:

b»      5b710·<e843419 at 012a_000033f9_ca8>   
b»      5b710·<e843419 at 0126_000033f9_ca8>

000000000005b710·<e843419 at 012a_000033f9_ca8>:
000000000005b710·<e843419 at 0126_000033f9_ca8>:

e843419 at 012a_000033f9_ca8():
e843419 at 0126_000033f9_ca8():

145233	»       ldr»    x2,·[x1]	 
145234	»       b»      96008·<link_node_enumerator+0xd8>	 
145235	»       ldr»    x24,·[x24,·#3896]
145236	»       b»      8e008·<bus_link_method_set_dnssec_negative_trust_anchors+0x138>

145233	»       ldr»    x24,·[x24,·#3896]
145234	»       b»      8e008·<bus_link_method_set_dnssec_negative_trust_anchors+0x138>
145235	»       ldr»    x2,·[x1]
145236	»       b»      96008·<link_node_enumerator+0xd8>


Kind regards,
Luca Boccassi
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