JDK 19+21 early-access build is reproducible

Bernhard M. Wiedemann bernhardout at lsmod.de
Sun May 8 14:42:41 UTC 2022

On 06/05/2022 22.48, John Neffenger wrote:
> Starting yesterday, for the first time, the JDK can create reproducible
> builds of the JDK!

That is great news. Thank you John, Magnus and Andrew for taking care of

I tried to get a double-build test working on openSUSE with
https://github.com/openjdk/jdk/releases/tag/jdk-19%2B21 to either
confirm the reproducibility or find some remaining diff for you,
however building JDK is still hard, so


errors out atm with

 checking for java...
 checking for javac...
 checking for javah... no
 configure: error: Java 1.6 or later is required to build java-access-bridge

I found a javah in 1_8_0 but that is rejected as bootstrap java version
(needs to be 18 or 19)

Can you point me to the scripts that build your official Linux binaries
or do you have hints on how to fix my build?

You can also try this locally on Debian or openSUSE with an account from
https://idp-portal.suse.com/ and
osc co home:bmwiedemann:java/java-19-openjdk && cd $_
osc build --noservice standard

Bernhard M.
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