stage0-posix + M2-Planet release

Jeremiah at Jeremiah at
Tue May 3 00:06:18 UTC 2022

I am pleased to announce the Release v1.5.0 of stage0-posix
and Release
v1.10.0 of M2-Planet

Which expands the number of architectures bootstrapped from 357bytes to include:

building all the way up to a cross-platform C compiler, M1 Assembler,
hex2 linker, a minimal POSIX shell (kaem), sha256sum, ungz, untar,
chmod, cp and catm. Which serves as the basis of live-bootstrap:

which at this point can bootstrap all the way up to GCC+Guile+Linux

So if you wish to have a fully bootstrapped Distro, feel free to
leverage the great work done by the great people on #bootstrappable channel and the #bootstrappable community as a whole.


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