Call for real-world scenarios prevented by RB practices

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On Thu, Mar 24, 2022 at 9:00 PM John Gilmore <gnu at> wrote:

> On 22/03/2022 13.46, Chris Lamb wrote:
> > Just wondering if anyone on this list is aware of any real-world
> > instances where RB practices have made a difference and flagged
> > something legitimately "bad"?
> The GNU compilers are already tested for complete reproducibility.  We
> at Cygnus Support built that infrastructure back in the 1990s, when we
> made gcc into a cross-compiler (compiling on any architecture + OS,
> targeting any other).  We built the Deja Gnu test harness, and some
> compiler/assembler/linker test suites, that rebuilt not just our own
> tools, but also a test suite with hundreds or thousands of programs.  We
> compared their binaries until they were bit-for-bit identical when built
> on many different host machines of different architectures.
> To make it work, we had to fix many bugs and misfeatures, including even
> some high-level design bugs, like object file formats that demanded a
> timestamp (we decided that 0 was a fine timestamp).  A few of those bugs
> involved generating different but working instruction sequences -- I
> recall fixing one that depended on an uninitialized local variable.
> We never found any malicious code in the GNU tools during that process,
> just poorly debugged code and unportable code.  I don't know whether
> that's because nobody malevolent actually knew what a lever they would
> have had by infesting our code, or whether we really weren't as
> important as we thought we were :-/.  I was still manually making and
> reading the diff between the previous release and each new release, to
> make sure that no change that I didn't recognize would slip through.  It
> was a pretty heady feeling to make a GNU tool release, send an email to
> info-gnu, and have thousands of people running it in the next few days.
> We took the responsibility seriously.
> (Caveat: We weren't shipping binaries, except to Cygnus customers.
>  Maliciously patched binaries are what RB is designed to prevent.)
>         John
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