Thinking of our next summit this year

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Wed Mar 2 08:08:39 UTC 2022

Bernhard M. Wiedemann:
> On 01/03/2022 17.59, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> in the past month or two we have seen how, at least in Europe and in the
>> Americas, rules slowly opened up so that people could move around again.
>> As such, some of us were thinking if this could be a good idea to
>> physically meet each other again.
>> Roughly speaking, we were wondering how you would *feel* about traveling
>> this coming September.
>> I want to stress that nobody has started planning for anything at this
>> moment, and this email is only soliciting feedback on whether you'd feel
>> comfortable traveling (potentially abroad) and meeting others.
> I would like to meet, but I don't want to fly.
> After our 2019 meeting in Marrakesh, I noticed that just these two
> flights of 2500 km produced more greenhouse gases than all of my 200
> office visits that year combined.
> And while the last 2 years did not feel like it, climate change is still
> the bigger problem.
> So if we can create something, where I can join a local group between
> France, Poland, Austria and Denmark, I'm interested.
> Winter might not be the smartest choice, though, given the seasonality
> or Covid. October or March seem better.

I agree we want to limit the climate impact, and I will take the train if at all 
feasible.  This is an international group though, so someone would have to fly. 
  I suppose it should be easy for the organizers of previous summits to have a 
ballpark idea of which location would have the least flights.  I live in Vienna, 
which has lots of good train connections all over Europe, but it is more 
expensive to fly to.  I'm happy to help the organizers if its in Vienna.  Fr 
example, I can recommend this hotel, which is a funky place and also a social 
project that employs refugees:

Some meetings are doing a hybrid approach, with in person and remote 
participation options.  IETF is doing that, but that's a high budget event. 
I've run small scale hybrid events.  It is hard to do well and is surprisingly 
time consuming.  I'm happy to report back on how it went at IETF.


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