Thinking of our next summit this year

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at
Wed Mar 2 07:41:58 UTC 2022

I think the time is now to start getting back to normality.  I would feel 
comfortable attending in person.  We're about to have a big test of this in 
Vienna: IETF is happening at the end of March.


Mattia Rizzolo:
> Hello everybody,
> in the past month or two we have seen how, at least in Europe and in the
> Americas, rules slowly opened up so that people could move around again.
> As such, some of us were thinking if this could be a good idea to
> physically meet each other again.
> Roughly speaking, we were wondering how you would *feel* about traveling
> this coming September.
> I want to stress that nobody has started planning for anything at this
> moment, and this email is only soliciting feedback on whether you'd feel
> comfortable traveling (potentially abroad) and meeting others.
> Awaiting for feedback from you,
> Mattia

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