Making reproducible builds & GitBOM work together in spite of low-level component variation

Ludovic Courtès ludo at
Mon Jun 27 12:19:39 UTC 2022


Vagrant Cascadian <vagrant at> skribis:

> I can see the value in embedding provenence information in the build
> artifacts, but that makes reproducible builds considerably harder to
> achieve if it is recording *everything* about the build environment.

I think this raises an important question: should provenance information
be recorded within build outputs, or should it be kept out-of-band?

There’s value in having provenance data in-band: that makes binaries

But it also has a downside: commit IDs, like timestamps, don’t
contribute anything to the build result; I can build the same thing from
a different commit and get the exact same build result.  By storing
commit IDs in the output, we’re producing gratuitous discrepancies
between builds that would otherwise produce bit-identical output².

We should make sure embedded commit IDs do not become the new timestamp.



¹ Guix stores provenance data in-band in one case, for system
  deployment, such that ‘guix system describe’ can tell you which commit
  you used to deploy your system.

² For that reason, ‘guix pack’ does not store provenance data by
  default; see discussion of ‘--save-provenance’ at

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