Reproducibility of "core" packages in GNU Guix

Vagrant Cascadian vagrant at
Thu Jun 2 03:12:32 UTC 2022

On 2022-05-02, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
> $ guix challenge --diff=none $(cat guix-base-set)
> /gnu/store/8gmqvwf0ccqfyimficcnhxvrykwx6y8g-linux-libre-5.17.5 contents differ:

Proving more difficult than I'd hoped for, smallish diffs in the .ko
files and in the bzImage and, but nothing obvious leaping out
at me. The corresponding files are reproducible in Debian bookworm...

Working on this lead me to notice a bug in diffoscope at least:

> /gnu/store/7qz2jlghm4gc87jww5j24c5mcip0whzy-keyutils-1.6.3 contents differ:


There was already a patch in debian to set the date using an environment
variable. Might be worth working up a patch to support SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
and push it upstream... or nudging upstream to drop the timestamp
entirely. :)

> /gnu/store/ajw8nnrnd6hr183skwqdgc8c7mazg97h-isl-0.23 contents differ:


Disabling parallel building in guix fixes it for me consistently,
although Debian's "isl" package is reproducible but... builds with
parallelism. (well, not reproducible on i386, but who's really

What about other distros? Do you do anything to make "isl" reproducible?

> /gnu/store/45b6181w68a3lprx9m6riwgyinw3y145-guix-1.3.0-25.c1719a0 contents differ:
> /gnu/store/1jgcbdzx2ss6xv59w55g3kr3x4935dfb-guile-3.0.8 contents differ:

Both of these were not *just* due to parallelism as I'd
hoped... inscrutible guile...

So, 2 out of the 5 remaining packages have plausible fixes (out of 47
total)... not too bad!

live well,
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