Reproducible Builds Summit 2023 in Hamburg

Holger Levsen holger at
Fri Dec 30 18:37:57 UTC 2022

Moin! :)

with 2022 soon coming to an end, I'd like to announce the date and
and the location of the next Reproducible Builds Summit in 2023!

When:  October 30th, November 1st-2nd 2023.
What:  Three days to continue the grow of the Reproducible Builds effort.
       As previously, the exact content of the meeting will be shaped by
       the participants.
Where: Hamburg, Germany at

The venue has been booked and confirmed for these dates, so if you ponder
attending, do reserve those dates in your calendar now. Also please pass
this info around as appropriate.

There are several hotels around and some on-site accomodation is available
as well. More information on that in February 2023, or so!
(This is also when registration for the event will open.)

I'm hoping to see many of you there and wish all of you a great start
into 2023!


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