How to talk to skeptics?

Daniel Shahaf d.s at
Sun Dec 18 20:22:35 UTC 2022

Martin via rb-general wrote on Sun, Dec 18, 2022 at 01:09:37 +0000:
> In my opinion the biggest problem is that we are not able to audit and
> verify any hardware implementation for this work so it cannot be
> trusted at all. Controlling hardware is essential and it cannot be
> replaced by virtualization unless it's based on some innovative
> blockchain PoW-like crypto agnostic miners. Without at least one
> wokring fully libre and formally verifiable hardware reference we are
> doomed to fail.

We did write about that once:


(Don't miss the bold red text at the top.)

> Moreover the very first linux was bootstrapped by
> MINIX, the very first MINIX was bootstrapped by UNIX and ironically it
> looks like UNIX was somehow bootstrapped by itself in 1970 (it's a
> commercial not reproducible by design product anyway ;). After so many
> years all kind of Free and Open-Source Software is still literally
> prisoned by vendor-locked hardware, its obfuscated binary seeds and
> problematic build environments(i.e. to bootstrap linux from hex0 in
> practice you need to run it on linux anyway
> ). The long term
> perspectives for Bootstrappable and Reproducible builds doesn't look
> optimistic neither:
> (sooner or later other checksums will be breaked as well).
> Cheers!  Martin

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