How to talk to skeptics?

Jeremiah at Jeremiah at
Sun Dec 18 14:20:34 UTC 2022

> (i.e. to bootstrap linux from hex0 in practice you need to run it on
> linux anyway ).
Oh then you missed our latest work:

We wrote a POSIX kernel in under 4KB of hex0 that we can bootstrap with
a single bootloader binary and it is able to run all the steps needed to
get to TCC. We are currently working on getting it to build a more
powerful POSIX kernel written in C and built by the TCC it can run; with
the hopes of it carrying us all the way to Linux.

(we have a few hurdles to do first: )

But it is a reasonable amount of effort we can certainly do.

After that, we will solve the hardware problem too ^_^


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