How to talk to skeptics?

John Neffenger john at
Wed Dec 14 22:22:22 UTC 2022

On 12/14/22 11:30 AM, Bernhard M. Wiedemann via rb-general wrote:
> He also once pointed me to

I also wonder how all this verification is going to work.

For example, I'll soon be providing reproducible builds of OpenJDK. How 
will I recruit volunteers to verify my builds? Is it enough just for me 
to verify them on a separate build machine and network? Should I instead 
be matching Oracle's builds of OpenJDK? To do so, I would have to set 
the "java.vendor" of my build to "Oracle Corporation", but that doesn't 
seem right.

Lots of questions! :-)

> In the end, it would be useful to collect some well-worded / 
> well-thought counter-arguments on r-b.o (if we don't have that already)

The link below is my latest attempt at persuasion:

Discussion: Reproducible builds

I'd like to think that my arguments worked, now that my two-year-old 
pull request is tentatively planned for the next release. In reality, 
though, I find that most of the resistance to reproducible builds is not 
technical, but rather due to time constraints and business plans.

It takes a lot of time to test reproducible builds. When I update my 
pull request, I have to run about 30 builds covering three operating 
systems and six hardware platforms, and reviewers have to do something 
similar. That's a lot to ask of an active project with many competing 
pull requests.

In the extreme, I see reproducible builds as the final step in the 
commoditization of open-source software. When every package of a project 
is bit-for-bit identical to every other, it doesn't matter where you get 
it. That makes it more difficult for any particular vendor to sell the 
"trust" in its brand.


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