debconf cache is non-reproducible issue while creating system image

Venkata.Pyla at Venkata.Pyla at
Tue Apr 26 06:28:09 UTC 2022

Hi RB team,

I am working on to create reproducible system images that includes Debian packages, 
I am currently facing one issue[1] where the debconf cache entries are not reproducible when package configurations are done before the package is installed, 
This is happening because the package postinst script uses non-reproducible file names to generate debconf cache entries.

I found this problem with one package (localepurge), but there can be many packages like this where their package postinst script uses non-reproducible contents while generating debconf cache entries.

I wanted to discuss here whether we need to fix this issue in 'ucf' who is responsible to generate the debconf cache entry, or every package should fix this problem in their postinst script?

Kindly give your thoughts.



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