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Frédéric Pierret frederic.pierret at
Fri Sep 24 22:20:36 UTC 2021


I'm happy to announce that I've worked on results layout for PackageRebuilder and you can find results at:

I've cherry picked a lot of the codes from Archlinux rebuilderd website. You can find the source code at Any contribution is welcomed to make it visually better. I'm not a front web developer at all and this is my first ReactJS app :).

There is a little glitch when clicking for collapsing a section, you need to double click for actually see the content. I've not found yet why as I've also remarked this on when you click on "good" section. Any idea why?

Best regards,

PS1: Full rebuild for Debian unstable and bullseye (amd64+all) is almost finished after few weeks of (re)build :)
PS2: is really handling this big rebuild very nicely. I've mostly 40 rebuilders running since the beginning and I've not noticed any infrastructure failure so far. Only missing files that I'm in progress to solve by provisioning DB differently (original problem:

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