Recoding the configuration for live-build images

Orians, Jeremiah (DTMB) OriansJ at
Sat Sep 4 12:49:47 UTC 2021

> I'm not deeply involved in the bootstrappable project but I believe the required bootstrap seed in guix is already a lot smaller than the yocto projects  dependencies (but maybe a few steps are also still missing here).
Depending on if you count the host kernel under 1KB total

> I wonder if reproducibly rebuilding the bootstrap seed is possible/easy with guix though?
Trivial actually

> I remember us talking about the Linux and bootloader dependencies at the end of the Marrakesh retreat and (due to recent exposure) I was thinking about ways to use uboot as another stage to bootstrapping a full Linux system.
Well bare metal cross-platform bootstrapping is as low as one can go before we just start making our own hardware.


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