Reproducible tarballs on Github?

David A. Wheeler dwheeler at
Sun Oct 24 01:41:28 UTC 2021

> On Oct 23, 2021, at 3:23 PM, Arthur Gautier <baloo at> wrote:
> I would expect Github to use the tar implementation of git-archive (or
> libgit2). git-archive is specifically designed to be reproducible.

I don’t know if it does, but that does seem likely.

> All I'm suggesting is to checksum the inflated version of the archive
> and not the compressed one.

Checksumming the inflated version makes sense to me, so that improved/varying
compression doesn’t matter (since it produces the same result).

Sounds like maybe GitHub doesn’t need to change anything.
If someone thinks GitHub *does* need to change something, I’d like to know
exactly what practical change is desired.

--- David A. Wheeler

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